Studio facilities

Mastering studio

A highly accurate listening environment is the most important feature of any mastering studio. Housed in a 1000+ft2 industrial space, the Subvert Central Mastering studio has been purpose-built to provide the most accurate listening environment possible. Seen as proof-of-concept by one of the most forward-thinking and knowledgeable acousticians in the field, Andreas Nordenstam, the studio has a number of important and unique acoustic features. In addition to the custom-designed room geometry, the huge primary bass traps occupy ~22m3 each, combining with the rest of the room design and monitoring system to provide a highly accurate low end response, down to 14Hz (-3dB). The room also features a combination of both tailor-made and proprietary diffusion, all giving an incredibly accurate, involving and immersive presentation.

Monitoring is provided by the world-class PMC IB2S loudspeakers, twinned with a pair of Rythmik Audio F12G subwoofers. The conversion and processing have been chosen with both quality and flexibility in mind. Sometimes mastering requires transparency, at times it requires colour; all these potential needs can be met.

Other facilities

Outside the listening room itself, a comfortable environment is important. We take relaxation as seriously as we do sound. There is a fridge stocked with a selection of beers and soft drinks, and the studio is also close to one of Suffolk’s finest coffee providers, meaning there is a constant supply of excellent coffee - essential for any serious mastering studio.

If visiting clients fancy a jam, then guitars, amplifiers and a drum kit are available (complimentary earplugs provided). And if that sounds too much like hard work, clients can always play on our pool table or simply relax on the sofa with a drink.