Bob 'Macc' Macciochi

Bob Macciochi (aka 'Macc') has been mastering professionally for 10 years.

Bob enjoys working with music across all genres, from large hip hop labels to independent ambient, dubstep and drum n bass artists. He's also mastered electrosynthpoppunk bands, extreme death metal albums, J-pop, commercial and local bands, the odd jazz band and all manner of other things.

A keen engineering geek with a passion for good sound and degree-level physics education, Bob regularly helps out engineers and producers of all levels, to help them improve their own production. His blog, discussing all areas of music-making and various other topics, can be found here.

Leon Smith

Leon Smith's love of music stemmed from drumming, and he has been a gigging musician all over the UK. He quickly discovered an interest in the technical side of the art, recording, mixing and assisting various local bands. He then went on to study music at college, and subsequently university.

Having attained a degree in Music Production, Leon proceeded into the live music scene playing both live and in the studio for numerous bands and artists. His interest in mastering started after meeting Bob Macciochi, and Leon has been steadily building his skills in mastering music for the past few years.

Leon is constantly developing as a mastering engineer, and enjoys working with all kinds of music and audio.

Ben 'Subvert' Williams on hiatus

Currently on hiatus, Ben Williams (aka 'Subvert' or 'Subsy') is one of the founding engineers at SC Mastering. His audio journey dates back to 1992, starting as a producer and mix engineer, before going on to co-run the pioneering drum and bass labels Streetbeats and NOIR, and the UK Hip Hop label, Pepa Records.

In 2001, Ben set up Subversion Studios near Reading UK, and in 2006 switched to focus exclusively on mastering projects, proceeding to work on countless records across all genres, but with a specialty in Hip Hop and EDM.