Andy Dennis
I have worked with Bob for just over a year now. I've been involved in the music industry for fifteen years and Bob has to be most professional engineer I've ever worked with. He understands your requirements clearly and always brings out the best in each track I send him. His work is truly exceptional and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking the best quality mastering for their music.
It's always a great pleasure to work with Bob. Here at Rwina we see him as part of the team. Everything sounds the way we want it to sound. We've been working together for the past two years and we look forward to keep on working with Mack Bob Macc.

Our clients include:

BabyGrande (Wu Tang Clan, GZA/Genius, Jean Grae/Blue Sky Black Death, Snowgoons Instrumentals, many others) | Astrophonica | Om Unit | Rephlex Records | Next Phase Recordings | Liquid Stranger | Stylust | Subtle Audio | Pinecone Moonshine | Space Jesus | dgoHn | Dirty Dubsters / Irish Moss | Foreign Beggars | Sony BMG | Cosmic Bridge | Critical Music | Shades | BAM Library | EPROM | Astrophonica | Wakaan | DFRNT (Echodub, Cut) | Andy Dennis (Slime) | G Jones | Bleep Bloop | DJ Shadow

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You will not find a more friendly, more willing or more talented mastering engineer elsewhere. Bob is truly one of those unique entities within the music scene. Someone who can not only do incredible work, but can do it on time, and within budget. His willingness to help and to get things right every time, makes him a delight to work with. One of the few people I've met through the industry that I'd consider a friend as well as a service provider. Bob has also been the unfortunate recipient of countless terrible mix-downs from me, and he's exceeded my expectations every time without fail. Having a reliable mastering go-to guy is crucial, and I don't trust anybody else with my mastering work. Bob has been there from my first album, and I expect him to be there till my last.
I've been having about 39 pints in one weekend with Bob for a number of years.

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